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Bridging Physical and Mental Health

Mental Health

We fight the stigma around mental health, reduce shame, and normalize help-seeking behaviors in order to help people gain clarity, reduce stress, and learn positive coping strategies for an improved quality of life.

We offer both mental health counseling and wellness coaching to help you heal and create a more fulfilling life. Our center offers private office space for mental health counselors, wellness coaches, and other wellness practitioners.  Join our inclusive community of practice at the Current! 

Physical Health

Our movement classes and 1-on-1 sessions are designed to improve the way you move so that you can continue to do all the things that you love in life. We don’t believe in weight as a measurement of progress. Instead, we help you find pain-free and enjoyable movement that boosts your energy, relieves your stress, and improves your overall health.

In addition to fitness and yoga classes, we offer personal training, one-on-one yoga sessions, chiropractic services, and massage therapy for a holistic approach.

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