Acupuncture is a very common traditional ancient Chinese medicine that is practiced worldwide. A central focus throughout this specific type of therapy is to generate the natural flow of qi throughout an individual's body. By generating the flow of qi, an acupuncturist will engage in a practice of lightly penetrating the skin with a thin needle in a variety of places on the body. Once the needles have been placed in the body, they will stay inserted for a few minutes while the therapist promotes the flow of qi. Additional information on qi and the benefits of promoting it can be found here. Other adjunct therapy methods are possible in addition to needling such as: cupping, gua sha rolling or the application of herbal ointments. A few of the many benefits from this therapy include: treating insomnia, back/neck pain, promoting relaxation throughout the body, treating nausea and migraine headaches. 

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Acupuncturists at the Current:

Susanna Lea, MS, LAc