CJ Bynum


The blissful buddy. The holistic homie. The positive play cousin. Whatever you want to call him, CJ likes to consider himself a good vibes pundit. Living by the motto, “whatever makes your soul happy, do that”, the self proclaimed wellness connoisseur and Raleigh native has a passion for any and all things related to creating a better you for you. Whether that’s becoming more active & moving more, exploring more nutritional and delicious meals, or lighting some candles and running a warm bath in order to find that inner peace and balance. Whatever it is that you need to do to take care of yourself while loving yourself and making your soul shine, CJ is all for it.

With a passion for wanting to help people become their best self, CJ wanted to figure a way to go about achieving that. Obtaining a degree in health & fitness science, he knew that this first step had him headed in the right direction. However, he also knew that lifting all the weights, running marathon after marathon, and drinking all the green smoothies you could handle may do wonders for the external physique but would do nothing for the internal spirit if no work was being done. CJ wanted to be able to help others in all aspects of their wellness. Not only focusing on the physical, he wants to be able to ensure that those who come to him have the ways, means, and resources to work on aspects of their mental, emotional, spiritual, and other aspects of their general wellness too. Along with pursuing his personal training and group fitness certification, he also is currently pursuing his Health & Wellness Coach certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

In his spare time, CJ enjoys being shown the latest TikTok shenanigans by his son, getting “lost” on one of the many trails & greenways here in Raleigh, and catching his breath while doing hip hop step aerobics. You can also find him enjoy the downtown scenes and museums around the Triangle as well.

CJ is a Wellness Coordinator at Current Wellness, so be sure to say hello next time you see him!