Cody Tyler

Yoga Teachers

Cody has been practicing yoga since 1998. He has also worked in various caregiver positions with people of all ages and all different abilities since 1999. As an avid runner since childhood he was always an athlete and very physical. And as a student of life he was always looking for more spiritually. Not long after starting he realized yoga was the answer for the physical, the spiritual and the mental. It healed his runners body and always left him feeling more at peace and more connected with himself and the world. So it wasn't long before Cody realized a goal of his was to complete a teacher training to help spread the benefits of yoga.

In his professional experience as an after school program coordinator and art specialist for adults with autism, Cody has always tried to incorporate elements of yoga into all of his caregiver rolls. Whether it be yoga and meditation with his kids as an after school program coordinator or just breathing exercises and artistic expression with individuals with autism he realized the benefits were endless. Finally in 2019 Cody accomplished his goal by completing an alignment based core yoga teacher training. And shortly after became a full time yoga instructor. He is very excited to continue his journey deeper into all things yoga and sharing and providing an all inclusive and safe yoga experience for everyone.

In his spare time outside of the studios Cody loves to spend time with his dog as well as any body else’s dogs too! Keeping up with the caregiver inside of him he has a side gig walking and watching many dogs in the area. He’s also very social and loves spending time with his partner, friends and family. He still loves to create and while not the avid runner he used to be he still loves a good run whether outside or on a treadmill.

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