The Synergy & Magic of Community Acupuncture

By Lukman Awad / September 29, 2023

Blog post by Allyson Schurtz Over the course of my 5+ years as an acupuncturist, I’ve worked in a variety of environments. I spent several years in Texas where there is no insurance coverage and access is limited to those in the community with disposable income. Then, for several years…

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It’s Time For Non-Heated Yoga To Start Trending

By Lukman Awad / August 24, 2023

Blog post by Lukman Awad Have you ever wondered why Current Wellness doesn’t offer hot yoga?  We strive to offer a variety of yoga classes: from movement-based Flow classes, to slower, meditative Restore classes, and this summer’s Yin series!  At the Current, we hope everyone will choose a practice that…

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A Runner’s Story of Growing Beyond Diet Culture

By Lukman Awad / July 27, 2023

If you had to compare running to a recipe, what would be key ingredients? Blog post by Adwoa Asante I first learned about diet culture and disordered eating on my way out of a 10K race with one of my dear friends, Lizzie. It was a cloudy fall day in…

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Numbers Don’t Tell the Full Story: Medical Weight Bias

By Kendall Phillips / May 25, 2023

Blog post by Adwoa Asante      My heart drops these days as I’m called back for a routine appointment. Not only is my name mispronounced but the scale awaits me. I look up as if to avoid eye contact with the scale and mutter “I don’t need to know…

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How Diet Culture Impacted My Family

By Kendall Phillips / May 11, 2023

Blog post by Debra Buchanan   I was very careful not to use the word, ‘diet’, as my three children, now spanning early teens through age 20, were growing up. I strongly felt that for them to have a healthy relationship with food, we should focus on how to “eat…

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How Ditching Diet Culture Changed My Relationship With Running

By Brit Guerin / March 28, 2023

Blog Post By: Julia Carter Medical Disclaimer: Movement and eating disorder recovery is a very delicate subject. Please consult with your physician, therapist, and/or healthcare team to see if you’re ready to integrate movement back into your life. Calling It Quits In 2019, I quit dieting for good. After almost…

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What is Embodiment?

By Brit Guerin / March 2, 2023

What is Embodiment? Before I share about embodiment, I want to acknowledge that I am a student of embodiment. My primary teachers are Rachel Lewis-Marlow and Heidi Andersen, with lots of other inspiration from wonderful organizations and professionals.  One definition of embodiment is where our consciousness and our body intersect.…

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5 Tips to Start or Reboot Your Meditation Practice

By Brit Guerin / February 16, 2023

You’re interested in mindfulness, but where do you start? 5 Tips to Start or Reboot Your Meditation Practice by: Mary-Linda McBride. You may have included starting or reestablishing a meditation practice as part of your intentions for the new year. But somehow, it hasn’t quite clicked yet. Still, you’re interested……

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7 Benefits of Breathwork

By CJ Bynum / January 5, 2023

7 Benefits of Breathwork Breathing. It’s something you do all the time and never really give it a second thought. When was the last time you thought about your breath? Like, truly sat there and focused on your breathing? Like many, the answer probably ranges from not that often to…

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Get to Know Joshua Vasquez

By Kendall Phillips / November 4, 2022

Get to know Joshua Vasquez What comes to mind when you think of a massage? Many of us probably get the mental image of it being something you get every once in a while as a special treat to yourself. While that can be true, Joshua Vasquez is here to…

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