Animal Flow Series in Raleigh, NC

By Brit Guerin / April 11, 2021

Why Animal Flow? I first became interested in animal flow two years ago after seeing a video of a master instructor performing a flow on Instagram. I couldn’t get over how fun it looked, and how much it reminded me of breakdancing, but mixed together with yoga, Jiu Jitsu, and…

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Preventative Care through Massage Therapy in Raleigh

By Brit Guerin / March 6, 2021

Regular massages for preventative care Just like exercise, massage benefits are typically cumulative. Most individuals will get some benefits from even a single massage, however, you will see the real differences when you receive a massage regularly. If you have chronic tension/pain, insomnia, stress or any other numerous conditions, massage…

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Why You Need Yoga in Pregnancy (and Postpartum, too!)

By Brit Guerin / February 27, 2021

There are a multitude of benefits of yoga in everyday life- improved mental health, spiritual connection, relief of physical pain. And while these benefits hold true through pregnancy as well, there are a few other reasons why doing yoga while pregnant and postpartum can feel really good! Breathing The use…

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Virtual Health Coaching and Mindfulness Series

By Brit Guerin / February 16, 2021

Welcoming a Family Health Coach and Wellness Educator We are thrilled to welcome a Family Health Coach and Wellness Educator to our team of practitioners, Carolina Zapata Curby-Lucier. She created Carolina Wellness to help families gain the skills, confidence, and support they need to live a healthier, happier life. Carolina…

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Personal Training in Downtown Raleigh

By Brit Guerin / February 13, 2021

Movement for All Bodies We are thrilled to welcome Lydia Howard to our team of wellness practitioners. She is a Health at Every Size® advocate and meets clients with compassion and individualized attention. Keep reading to learn more about Lydia and how you can work with her or head to…

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Susan Miller: Expressive Arts Therapist

By Brit Guerin / February 3, 2021

A New Expressive Arts Therapist in Downtown Raleigh We are so excited to welcome Susan Miller to our team of wellness practitioners! Susan is a professional counselor specializing in expressive arts therapy. We interviewed her to learn more about her approach and how you can engage with her work. How…

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Welcoming a Prenatal/Postpartum Trainer to Our Team

By Brit Guerin / January 26, 2021

Jenna Somich: Personal Trainer, Mom, and so much more We are thrilled to welcome Jenna Somich to the team! She is now offering prenatal and postpartum training both virtually and in-person at our wellness center. We interviewed her to learn more about her philosophy on wellness through movement. How does…

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Curvy Yoga Series in Raleigh, NC

By Brit Guerin / December 22, 2020

Yoga for All Bodies I am Curvy Yoga certified! I have been practicing yoga for 7 years. I started in college and continue my practice today, where it’s needed more than ever. I stopped teaching after college because I didn’t feel comfortable teaching in other spaces, especially those where I…

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Small Group Training in Raleigh, NC

By Brit Guerin / December 15, 2020

Empower Movement Series Join Brit Guerin for her small group training program, Empower Movement Series! If you’ve struggled with maintaining a routine with exercise, this group is for you. This program lasts for 8 weeks and is designed to build strength, increase confidence in movement, and help us connect to…

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A New Physical Therapist in Downtown Raleigh

By Brit Guerin / December 13, 2020

Introducing Caitlin Greenstein of Beyond Physical Therapy We are thrilled to welcome Caitlin Greenstein to the team! She will be offering physical therapy on an appointment basis. Head over here to book an appointment with Caitlin. We asked Caitlin some questions to get to know her better. See below for…

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