5 Reasons to Practice Yoga at Current Wellness

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5 Reasons to Practice Yoga at Current Wellness

The popularity of yoga is undeniable. Nearly 1 in 3 Americans have tried yoga at some point in their life, and the practice of yoga has consistently increased for all ages over the last two decades. You have probably seen yoga studios, tutorial videos, apps, pop up events - yoga seems to be everywhere. So what are the benefits of practicing at the Current?

1. "Your body, your practice". This phrase might sound familiar if you've taken a class with us. When you walk through our door to take a class, every instructor's goal is to help you feel empowered in your body. You're encouraged to do whatever feels best for you in each and every class, whether that means following along with the instructor or just hanging out in child's pose. The choice is always yours.

2. The variety of teachers, classes, and workshops. Are you looking for a mellow, laid back class? Check out Kathleen's Yoga Nidra which incorporates slow, intentional movements. Want something a little more upbeat? Keke's Flow Beats is the perfect class for you. Looking for something with less structure and more interaction? Come to one of our Yoga Play Dates where you can chat, ask questions, and try something new without judgement. Check out our schedule to see what we have coming up!

3. We specialize in making yoga accessible for everyone and every body. Our instructors are trauma informed, align with Health at Every Size®, and strive to make yoga inclusive for all bodies. We also accomplish this by being leaders in transforming the fitness space. Visit our events page to see our upcoming trainings and workshops.

4. Our yoga classes complement our other fitness classes. Yoga may help improve balance, mobility, and neuromuscular fitness, all of which supports other physical activities and day-to-day living.

5. Our yoga classes are available every. single. day. Yoga classes are offered almost every day in person, live stream, and through our on-demand library. We offer memberships that allow you to practice yoga exclusively, yoga and fitness together, or online only. Get as much yoga as your body wants, or watch a video when it fits your schedule.

If you're looking for a new yoga home or are new to the practice, you're welcome here at Current Wellness. Come stop by for a tour of our movement studio to see the space. If you're new to Current Wellness and curious about these classes you just read about, check out our new student special where you get unlimited access to any of our yoga and fitness classes for 3 weeks for $30.