Get to Know Joshua Vasquez

Get to know Joshua Vasquez


What comes to mind when you think of a massage? Many of us probably get the mental image of it being something you get every once in a while as a special treat to yourself. While that can be true, Joshua Vasquez is here to let you know there's benefit to incorporating regular massage as  part of your overall wellness routine. Keep reading to learn more about Joshua's philosophy and approach to massage therapy. 


What types of massage do you offer?

I specialize in myofascial massage. This modality is similar to deep tissue but has more anatomical specificity and works on the connective tissue link throughout the body that binds all of our tissues together. I also specialize in craniosacral therapy which is a light touch modality that works to decrease stress and tension within the nervous system and support the natural healing systems of the body. Both modalities work therapeutically to treat chronic pain, dysymmetry or imbalances that cause inflammation, guarding or pain. In addition to these techniques, I can also offer trigger point therapy, sports massage, hot stone therapy, Swedish massage, and cupping.


Who could benefit from massage therapy?

I believe every -body- can benefit from regular massage. Massage can help an individual feel more present and connected to their body. It allows us to be resilient and graceful through life's changes and challenges. Massage therapy can be a catalyst and motivator for deeper, longer lasting shifts in the mind and body. I like to focus on the whole person including past history and injuries, expectations of massage, and personal preferences and goals that contributes to an overall safe and supportive session. I have been working in a healthcare for over 10 years working in integrative Wellness centers and have treated beside physical therapists, chiropractors and personal trainers. I have experience working with a wide demographic and work to customize my approach based on  your specific needs and feedback. I believe a participatory and multifaceted approach is the best way to support long-lasting change.


Is there any helpful information you want potential clients to know?

I believe the body has the knowledge and ability to adapt and grow in all situations. We as humans are relearning how to listen and engage with our bodies. As we grow, we can uncover old patterns that may not be serving us and establish new patterns to create positive change. It can support improved sleep quality, quicker recovery from injury or workouts, improve posture and chronic pain. Among so many more benefits, receiving massage and body work helps us live more connected, peaceful and embodied lives. Please reach out if you have any questions and would like to know more about how massage can support you!

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