Welcoming a Family Health Coach and Wellness Educator

We are thrilled to welcome a Family Health Coach and Wellness Educator to our team of practitioners, Carolina Zapata Curby-Lucier. She created Carolina Wellness to help families gain the skills, confidence, and support they need to live a healthier, happier life. Carolina Wellness is rooted in research and emphasizes self-awareness, mindfulness, and community for best results.

We interviewed her to learn more about her work and approach. Keep reading to learn more!

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How does your coaching specifically support wellness?

Everyone’s definition of wellness is a bit different; for me, it’s feeling your best. I believe in taking a holistic approach, caring for your mental, physical, and emotional well-being to create balance. I am happy to work with your doctor or other wellness practitioners to ensure your needs are met.

My specific approach and core beliefs:

1) I developed the SMIS approach (Self-awareness, Mindfulness, Intentional Action, Support) to help individuals gain the skills they need to step forward with confidence. Change can be hard, but once you uncover the why behind your choices (self-awareness), you will notice your thoughts and behaviors (mindfulness) to make wise choices in the future. Armed with this information, you can develop new habits, boundaries, and goals (intentional action). My role as a coach is to not only help you identify your goals and hold you accountable (support) today, but also provide you with the resources to sustain healthy habits on your own for the long haul.

2) Community and inclusion - You are much more likely to succeed when you are surrounded by others who are encouraging and supportive. This is why getting your partner and family onboard is so important, and why I decided to specialize in couples and family health coaching. Building healthy habits with others offers both physical and mental health benefits; movement and proper nutrition strengthens your body, and shared experiences with others strengthens your relationships.

No matter your age, size, gender, culture, or identity, my coaching offers a safe space for you to overcome the obstacles that have previously held you back.

3) Rooted in research - I use methods from psychology, neuroscience, nutrition and more to guide and motivate you.

How did you become involved in your work as a wellness coach?

My own challenges

Health and wellness have always been important themes in my life. I’ve always been an athlete, playing tennis and running regularly. I started cooking when I was 5. I learned at an early age that without your health, you can’t enjoy many of life’s gifts. I witnessed the physical and mental health challenges of family and friends, and started taking classes to better understand what they were going through.

I graduated college during the 2009 recession, and it took a toll on my own well-being. I found myself struggling with depression, chronic anxiety, addiction, and an eating disorder. A few years later, my health hit rock bottom after a divorce. After trying to improve on my own with poor results, I was able to ask for the help I needed. Wonderful therapists, coaches, and holistic practitioners helped me gain self-awareness, taught me healthy coping mechanisms, and held me accountable for building healthier habits. I also started meditating daily; meditation taught me how to regulate my emotions, establish a mind-body connection, and gave the mental strength I needed to overcome stressful times. My healing journey took years, but I am so thankful for the help I received.

Paying it forward

Based on my experiences, and countless research, I know that wellness requires both mental and physical health. I’ve been a mental health advocate since 2012, working with Mental Health America, NAMI, and the NEA BPD. In 2020 when the pandemic hit, I enrolled in a health coaching program at UNCG to become a certified health coach full-time and started my own business, Carolina Wellness. I felt a sense of urgency to help others whose health is affected by the stress and uncertainty of this crisis.

How can folks work with you?

Reach out to schedule a call. I’d love to meet you and hear about your wellness journey! Your first coaching session is free, and we can explore if it's a good fit.

Sign up for my Mindfulness 101 series (8 classes).

Thursdays at 6:30pm beginning March 11, 2021.
Series runs for 8 weeks; Investment: $100:

Mindfulness 101 is a series that combines the benefits of guided meditation with community-building. Each session focuses on a different theme: reset, compassion, resilience, balance, expansion, confidence, gratitude, and intention. The class begins with a guided meditation and ends with a discussion of the topic to build deeper connections with others. Come with an open mind, ready to learn and share in a safe space.

Even though one mindfulness session is enough to offer benefits (i.e. stress reduction), it is recommended to practice for 8 weeks in order to experience the full effect. No prior experience is necessary!