Class Descriptions

Tidal Movement

Tidal Movement is our signature class. We use functional movement principles to train your whole body using innovative equipment like the ViPR Pro. This class is designed to train your core, strength, mobility as well as cardiovascular health. You'll not only get your heart rate up, but also feel like you trained and stretched every muscle.

Equipment needed: yoga mat

Location: Outdoors


Flow is our signature yoga class. We teach intuitive movement to create a yoga experience where you have just enough guidance to make the practice exactly how you want it to feel. We also use the themes of embodiment and gratitude to foster body respect and appreciation. 

Equipment needed: yoga mat or carpeted area

Location: Outdoors and Online

Tidal Strength

Are you looking for a primarily strength-based workout without the cardio? Tidal Strength is exactly what you're looking for. We incorporate core, mobility, and resistance training for a full body workout without the jumping jacks. 

Equipment needed: dumbbells or household items (water bottles, canned goods, water coolers, or anything that you can lift), as well as a yoga mat or carpeted area

Location: Outdoors and Online


Let's dance! Immerse is our dance fitness class for all bodies and all levels. No dance experience necessary, as you will be able to pick up the choreography as you go. This class is also incredible for folks who are looking to gain confidence through movement. Come ready to sweat!

Equipment needed: N/A

Location: Stay tuned

Tidal Intervals

Tidal Intervals is our most energetic class. We use interval training to get the heart rate up with full body movements and then back down using mobility-based movements. Come ready to sweat, but also be prepared for plenty of options to tailor the intensity up or down based on your goals.

Equipment needed: yoga mat

Location: Online and Outdoors





Join us for a relaxing experience with deep stretches to not only lengthen your muscles but also wind down your nervous system. This is the perfect class for a rest day or if you regularly feel tightness and soreness. Stay tuned when this class will be offered indoors.

Equipment needed: N/A

Location: Stay tuned