Qigong for the Hips and Lower Back

Are you curious about Qigong? Check out this 4 week series specially for the hips and lower back. This class is great for folks who want to foster a mind-body connection for improved physical and mental health. Read below for a brief introduction on the hips and lower back and how they relate to Qigong and mindful movement.

The hips are large and powerful. The deep joints and tissues of the hips are essential for stability, alignment, and power for movement. The hip area or “kwa” incorporates the hip joint as well as surrounding muscle, fascia, and vessels. The leg itself does not stop at the hip; it includes the pelvis to complete an entire integrated unit. The pelvis connects to the sacrum for a continuous connection of our spine with the earth. Over time, compensatory patterns may cause imbalance and discomfort in these areas and affect stability and mobility.

Slow, gentle qigong forms and principles allow us to engage and integrate the hip and lower back. Practice with engagement helps increase hip flexibility, strength, and integration into a fuller whole-body presence. Stable, aligned legs support a healthy back with a greater range of ease and movement. Shifting weight and spiraling through the kwa can stabilize our connection with the earth and improve balance. Principles and activities in class can be applied to the internal arts, other movement systems and to everyday activities and presence.

This class incorporates principles of Qigong and Body-Mind Centering© developmental movement and experiential anatomy.

We will meet on Tuesdays at 6:30 from September 5th through 26th. $26/session ($104 total)

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Can’t make it into the studio? We will provide a livestream link and recorded video to all participants.


Sep 05 2023


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


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