Qigong for the Shoulders and Neck

Have you been wanting to practice Qigong? Check out this 4 week series specially for the shoulders and neck. This class is great for folks who want to foster a mind-body connection for improved physical and mental health. Read below for a brief introduction on the shoulders and neck and what to expect in this series.

The shoulders offer a great range of possibilities. The shallow shoulder joints provide much mobility in the shoulder and arms. Support is provided by alignment and surrounding muscle and connective tissue. Over time, the shoulders and shoulder girdles can accumulate unneeded tension. This can transfer into and from the neck reducing both mobility and ease in either area.

Slow, gentle qigong forms and principles provide a way to become more fully aware of the neck and shoulders to release unnecessary tension. Fluidity in the surrounding fascia allows us to come more in contact with the intelligence of bone to allow it to find its natural alignment and relationship with the neck. The neck is a continuation of the spine with more mobility than stability. We find stability through easeful alignment rather than muscular holding.

This class incorporates principles of Qigong and Body-Mind CenteringĀ© developmental movement and experiential anatomy.

We will meet on Tuesdays at 6:30 from October 3rd through 24th. $26/session ($104 total)

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Can’t make it into the studio? We will provide a livestream link and recorded video to all participants.


Oct 03 2023


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


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