Intuitive Eating Counseling

Intuitive Eating is an evidence based, weight neutral, self-care model that is Health At Every Size aligned. Through the practice of Intuitive Eating, you can rebuild your relationship with food and body, and reclaim your life from the cruelty of diet culture. Intuitive eating is about so much more than food. Its 10 Principles involve things like reconnecting with your body, unlearning and relearning how you think about food and your body, coping with emotions, and joyful movement.

With 140+ research articles on Intuitive Eating, we know more and more about the benefits. To name a few, intuitive eaters have lower disordered eating, triglycerides, emotional eating, binge eating, body dissatisfaction, and blood pressure. Intuitive eaters have higher self-esteem, optimism, variety of foods eaten, body appreciation, HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), interoceptive awareness (ability to notice what your body is feeling and experiencing), pleasure from eating, and life satisfaction.

If you’re tired of being at war with your food and/or with your body, Intuitive Eating is for you. We know another diet is not the answer (95-98% fail). We know punishing yourself with exercise is not the answer. You cannot hate your body into something you love. Connecting with an Intuitive Eating Counselor can be your next right step toward a life of food freedom and body respect. Freedom is possible for you.


$80 for a 50 minute session

To schedule with one of our coaches, please contact us and we can set-up a free phone consultation.

Late Cancellation Policy: To respect our coaches' time, we enforce a $50 late cancellation fee for cancellations or reschedules that happen within 24 hours of your appointment time. If you need to reschedule, please contact us more than 24 hours in advance.

Our Intuitive Eating Counselors

Kathleen Terracina
Kathleen Terracina
Intuitive Eating Counselor and Personal Trainer