Group Classes Anytime; Anywhere

Workout from anywhere.

Our on-demand library includes over 100 strength training, interval training, power yoga, flow yoga, and restore yoga classes. This is perfect for when you are traveling or you want to get some movement in outside of our live class schedule. It's also a great supplement to personal training or other training programs.

How can I access the on-demand library?

All of our members receive unlimited access to our on-demand library!

Membership options:

  • Online member for $60/month (this also includes unlimited livestream classes )
  • 4 pack member for $64/month (this also includes 4 classes in the studio per month)
  • Unlimited yoga member for $110/month (unlimited yoga classes in studio and livestream classes) or
  • Unlimited member for $150/month (unlimited fitness and yoga classes in studio and livestream classes). 

Read more about our memberships here. 

Sample Video: Tidal Strength with Brit

(Once you join as a member, you will receive the password for the on-demand library).