Group Classes Anytime; Anywhere

Workout from anywhere.

You have two options to move with us virtually: Livestream Classes and the On-Demand Library

  1. Book a Livestream Class such as Tidal Strength (Online) or Flow Yoga (Online). Head over to our scheduling page to book your class today! New to our classes? Be sure to grab our new intro offer of 2 weeks for $29.

2. Become a member to receive 24/7 access to our on-demand library! Our on-demand library includes over 100 strength training, flow yoga, flow into restore yoga, and yoga nidra classes. This is perfect for when you are traveling or you want to get some movement in outside of our live class schedule. It's also a great supplement to personal training or other training programs.

How can I access the on-demand library?

All of our members receive unlimited access to our on-demand library!

Membership options:

  • Online member for $60/month (this also includes unlimited livestream classes )
  • 4 pack member for $64/month (this also includes 4 classes in the studio per month)
  • Unlimited yoga member for $110/month (unlimited yoga classes in studio and livestream classes) or
  • Unlimited member for $150/month (unlimited fitness and yoga classes in studio and livestream classes). 

Read more about our memberships here. 

Livestream Classes

Do you prefer having a livestream class to join? We have that too! Head over to our Movement Studio Class Schedule and book a class that has is followed by (Online) in the title. For example, Tidal Strength (Online) or Flow Yoga (Online). 

Sample Video: Tidal Strength with Brit

What makes our classes different? We are size-inclusive and align with Health at Every Size(TM). We are trained to meet you where you are at, and give you plenty of options so that you can move your body in a way that feels good. No diet culture language from us, just empowering language to help you feel stronger on the inside and out. We are excited to move with you soon!

(Once you join as a member, you will receive the password for the on-demand library).