Alex Benejam, PsyD

Alt="Alex Benejam Headshot"
Practice Types: Mental Health Therapists

For over eight years, Dr. Alex has helped individuals and couples learn how to build healthy relationships and secure attachments with themselves and others, and to create sexual and emotional intimate lives that are richer, more connecting, and deeply bonding. As an Emotionally-Focused therapist, licensed psychologist, and sex therapist, she uses evidence-based modalities to help couples and individuals get to that end goal, whatever it may be.

She earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Widener University and has worked as an outpatient therapist with a variety of mental health issues, ranging from depression, anxiety, and perfectionism to ADHD, life transitions, gender identity, blended families, divorce, marital issues, and sex therapy.

When working with clients, she shows up authentically- she feels with you, laughs with you, challenges you, and connects with you to try to understand your experience in the world and guide you along the journey. She works to create a map of your life: the personal, generational, and cultural experiences that created the patterns that you use to understand yourself and the world around you; where those patterns make you feel stuck, motionless, or unhappy; and pathways to move forward.

Outside of her therapy work, she enjoys playing the acoustic guitar, cooking spicy vegetarian dishes, and hanging out in the sun with her four dogs. She enjoys exploring the outdoors with her partner and is always looking for great new kayaking spots or climbing routes.

Currently, Dr. Alex primarily offers telehealth in NC and PsyPact participating states, with limited in-person availability.

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