Beth Cooper

Beth Cooper
Practice Types: Reiki Practitioners

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Beth is a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, Reiki Master and a Breathwork and Meditation trainer. She believes the secret to living a life you love is one lived from the heart with present moment awareness.

Beth understands that we all have a story. A sequence of events that becomes our life and makes us who we are. After many years in a corporate environment, her story became one where she was always saying yes to everything. She was available to everyone, all of the time. She was operating in an elusive state of feeling "less than" that led her to believe that her productivity built her worth.

She knows what burnout looks and feels like. She knows firsthand the harm limiting beliefs can have on a person. She knows what it is to be stressed and exhausted.

Beth not only made the decision to make a career change but a life change. As a Certified Wellness Coach, she knows that there is another way. She supports her clients in: making themselves a priority, finding a new language to express themselves, developing new habits, setting boundaries, learning how to truly breathe and reconnecting with themselves.

Reiki is an important part of Beth’s personal and professional practice. She is grateful for the opportunity to share energy healing with her clients and community.

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