Christine Byrne, MPH, RD, LDN

Christine Byrne
Practice Types: Dietitians

I'm Christine Byrne (she/her), an anti-diet dietitian specializing in eating disorders and intuitive eating. I know how tough eating disorder recovery can be, because I’ve been there. But I also know that it’s impossible to really LIVE when you’re constantly at war with food and your body.

No sugar-coating it: Recovery is a process. But with the right help, it’s possible. And it’s so, so worth it.

While we're working together, my job is to support you, challenge your disordered thoughts and behaviors, and make sure you feel heard.

Although the nutrition counseling process is different for everyone, my clients ultimately learn to eat intuitively, ditch food guilt, and stop hating their bodies.

As well as seeing in-person clients at Current Wellness, I offer virtual counseling to clients in several states. Head to my website to learn more and book a free inquiry call.

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