A new fitness and yoga experience in Raleigh

Have you tried all the gyms, fitness studios, and personal trainers in Raleigh but can't seem to find something that sticks?

Do you feel intimidated by gym culture or don't know where to start?

Maybe you've even gotten injured at a fitness studio by pushing too hard.

Come to our movement studio and experience what makes us different than mainstream fitness. We teach intuitive movement.

Fitness and yoga classes at Current are intentionally designed to help all bodies feel empowered and successful.

Your body is not a problem to be fixed. We need a different approach.

There's no wrong way to have a body.

Current Wellness is on a mission to promote true, lasting wellness by supporting your body. Fitness and yoga classes at the Current will appropriately challenge you, but we won't push you to overdo it. No pain, no gain is no longer a smart, sustainable approach to fitness.

We teach intuitive movement via empowering language, a compassionate mindset, and a positive environment

Join us for this new approach to fitness in Raleigh. 

Our Class Formats


Tidal is our signature series of fitness classes. We offer Tidal Movement (functional movement), Tidal Intervals (interval training), and Tidal Strength (strength training). In each class, we use integrative movement principles to train your whole body. This includes training for your core, strength, mobility as well as cardiovascular health. You'll not only get your heart rate up, but also feel like you trained and stretched every muscle.


Flow is our signature yoga class. We teach intuitive movement to create a yoga experience where you have just enough guidance to make the practice exactly how you want it to feel. We also use the themes of embodiment and gratitude to foster body respect and appreciation. Your body is amazing, let’s celebrate that through movement and breath work.
We also offer Flow into Restore for a restorative yoga practice.


Immerse is our dance fitness class that is the best way to move for pure FUN. We curate our playlists to get you out of your head and into your body. 45 minutes will FLY by because you are totally immersed in the music and moving your body to feel good. You also don't have to worry about "having rhythm" because there's no wrong way to move.

Support your body through intuitive movement...

Empowering Language

Our instructors are trained to use empowering language that promotes acceptance for your body, while simultaneously challenging you to achieve stamina and strength. Their cues will encourage mindfulness, self-awareness, and connection from your mind to your body. They will offer tons of options so that you will feel challenged within your ability level, but never beyond.

We want to remind you that your body is already amazing!

Compassionate Mindset

We will change the way you think about fitness. It’s not about your aesthetics or weight loss. It's about developing strength from the inside out. Our classes will help you explore and heal your relationship with your body through movement. With this new sense of self-compassion, you will stop dreading the gym and start enjoying movement.

Positive Environment

We are creating a community of individuals who want to feel better, encourage one another, and ultimately have fun. Our movement studio is not focused on intense, grueling workouts, but about experiences that leave you feeling empowered and energized. We also sign a community agreement to not comment on each other’s bodies, as the focus is on how we feel.