Mocktails are more than juice!  We love to challenge expectations and show you how to make "alcohol-free" interesting.

Our Wellness Bar is open every First Friday and for special events and markets at the Current. Our co-owner, Nathan Williams, will serve you a custom-created drink (in the form of a mini-lesson) that will challenge what you think of a "mocktail". Sure, we use citrus or other fruits now and then, but we also make our own shrub drinking vinegars in house, incorporate local North Carolina produce like muscadine grapes, and use syrups and bitters from Crude Bitters and other local Raleigh purveyors.  We'd love to help you create better drinks!

Sample Wellness Bar Menu
Some of our drinks and snacks that we love to share tips on how to make and use the bounty of North Carolina produce, seafood and locally-crafted products.
Mocktails aren't just for non-alcohol drinkers! At the Wellness Bar, we introduce you to alcohol-free cocktails for whatever reason you might not be drinking alcohol. As part of our (casual, not step-by-step) mocktail lessons, Nathan will walk you through options for making mocktails at home while fixing you a tasty drink. Components of these filling beverages might include seasonal North Carolina fruits and berries, shrub drinking vinegars, herbs from the Current Wellness garden, alcohol-free spirits, bitters, sparkling mineral waters, and a number of other fun and tasty options for making drinks when you're not drinking.

You'll come for the mocktails, but the handcrafted snacks might be what keeps you coming back. Often infused with Southeast Asian flavors and with (frequently optional) seafood ingredients, Nathan serves up snacks that are included complimentary with all mocktail lessons. Recent features have included homemade dumplings with local pork or shrimp filling, Thai-style papaya salad with softshell crab on a sticky rice cracker, and Vietnamese-style summer rolls with peanut dipping sauce.