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Our multidisciplinary team of wellness professionals can take your workplace wellness program to the next level!

Current Wellness specializes in offerings that are size-inclusive, identity affirming, and trauma-informed, concepts that are often overlooked in traditional workplace wellness programs. Many workplace wellness programs focus on weight management and/or weight loss as a way to improve health outcomes; however, weight is not an accurate indicator of health status. Employers who promote weight loss/weight management may also unintentionally reinforce negative stereotypes and cause harm to people in larger bodies, people with disabilities, and people with a history of disordered eating. Collaborate with Current Wellness to bring wellness offerings that are inclusive to all bodies.

Why Work With Us? 

Our approach to well-being includes the integration of physical health, mental health, and social health. Programs with Current Wellness are rooted in Health At Every Size® principles, meaning we help people find compassionate and sustainable ways to engage in health-promoting behaviors, without focusing on weight loss.

Another great perk of working with us is that we accept qualifying FSA and HSA debit cards! Check with your insurance provider to see if you can use your FSA or HSA debit card for fitness, yoga, reiki, stretch therapy, and/or massage.

Current Wellness has a network of fitness professionals, registered dietitians, massage therapists, mental health counselors, and several other health related professionals.

This variety means that we have a wealth of resources to tap into to create custom offerings while also being one location that your employees can visit for all their wellness needs. Our team will take the time to learn about your company’s culture and unique needs in order to fully customize a fun and engaging wellness experience. Tailored programs can be as short as one hour in length to a full weekend retreat. They can be offered virtually, on-site at your business, or hosted at Current Wellness. 


We care about our workplace wellness too! See below for a team outing for some bowling, where our sole agenda item was to connect with one another and care for ourselves.


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