20 Body Positive Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow


Even though we are using the term "body positive," we understand that this movement has been criticized for being co-opted by thin, white, cisgender women. We are making an effort to not only be body positive, but more importantly, fat positive and anti-fatphobic. Let's do the work together.

One of the ways to begin healing your relationship with your body is to curate an Instagram or social media feed that represents body positivity and body diversity.

Follow these accounts to curate a diverse feed of individuals who are leading the way!

  1. @mynameisjessamyn
  2. @theunderbellyyoga
  3. @decolonizing_fitness
  4. @diannebondyyoga
  5. @fatgirlshiking
  6. @deadlifts_and_redlips
  7. @positiveforcemovement
  8. @fatgirlsdancemovement
  9. @claritydecatur
  10. @anchorstrengthtraining
  11. @autonomymovement
  12. @superfithero
  13. @fromtherootsfitness
  14. @bodypositivefitness_
  15. @bloomfittraining
  16. @justiceroe
  17. @dont_eat_the_weights
  18. @shohrehdavoodi
  19. @freshoutthecocoon
  20. @britguerin
  21. @laurenleavellfitness

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