Personal Training, Private Yoga, and Private Pilates

With tons of fitness apps, pinterest workouts, and live instagram workouts, there's no shortage of work out opportunities.

However, often times people cannot find the right kind of workout they are looking for. Or, the workout they found is too advanced or not advanced enough. Or, you've found the right workout for you but can't seem to get motivated to make it happen.

That's where we come in! Personal training, private yoga, and/or private pilates are a great way to get you started on a fitness or movement plan. Our trainers are ready to tailor a workout for you body and your goals. 

We offer both online and in-person sessions. Want the convenience of working out at home? We can set it up via Zoom. Would you prefer in person? We have options for that as well in Raleigh, NC.

Contact us here for a free phone consultation, or contact one of our personal trainers directly. 

Services and Prices:

Personal Training ($80 for 45 minutes):

Private Mat Pilates ($80 for 45 minutes):

Private Yoga ($85 for 60 minutes):


You an either schedule an appointment using the calendar below or reach out to your personal trainer directly.

Meet our Personal Trainers:

Brit Guerin, LCMHCA
Mental Health Therapist and Fitness Professional
Lydia Howard , MSW
Yoga, Pilates and Movement Coach