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Custom Classes:

Join us for a custom class! We offer movement classes such as fitness, dance, and yoga, mocktail classes, cooking classes, sound baths, wellness lunch and learns, and so much more. We can create a class for your group based on your goals and interests. Interested in adding on chair massage to one of your experiences? We have that too!

Classes can be 1-4 hours in length and held at Current Wellness, virtually, or on your site of choice. Are you looking for a longer experience? Scroll down to check out our retreats!

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Wellness Retreats:

Join us for a custom wellness retreat! We offer full day and half day wellness retreats for non-profits, work teams, executives, and more. We can tailor your retreat to focus on restoration and relaxation, wellness education, team building, personal development, and more. We work with your team to create a customized experience to meet your goals.

Current Wellness has a beautiful location downtown and makes a great setting to host a company wellness retreat. Can't make it to us? We can come to you! Our team will collaborate with you to create an agenda your team will be excited about.

See below for two sample programs (half day and full day options). Both of these are ones that we've offered in the past, but can be totally customized for your group.

Sample Itinerary (Half Day retreat): 10:00-11:30 am: Stress Management Presentation: What is Your Stress Telling You? Lean In to Chill Out 11:45- 1:00 pm: Creating an Inclusive Food Culture in the Workplace + Catered Lunch 1:15- 2:45pm: Yin Yoga, Massage, and Aromatherapy 3:00pm: Reflection & Wrap-up This is a sample program that can be totally customized based on the goals for your group.
Custom Wellness Retreat Sample Itinerary (Full Day retreat): 9:30 am Welcome and Team Building Activity 10:00 am - 10:45 am Size Inclusive Strength Training Class 11:30 am - 1:30 pm Top Chef Challenge & Lunch 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Break out sessions 2:00- 3:30 pm Group A: Gentle Yoga & Mindfulness Workshop Group B: Acupuncture or Massage 3:30 - 5:00 pm Group A: Acupuncture or Massage Group B: Gentle Yoga & Mindfulness Workshop 5:00 pm Reflection Board This is a sample program that can be totally customized based on the goals for your group.

Wellness Challenges:

We create custom wellness challenges for your team! Wellness challenges are a popular activity used to get employees engaged. Our team will learn more about your offerings and what motivates your employees and create an activity that reflects your culture.

Within your wellness challenge, you will have the option to add-in discounted class bundles to incorporate fitness and yoga classes into your program.

What makes our challenges different? We support the creation of wellness challenges that incorporate inclusive language. This is important to prevent disordered eating and disordered exercise, as well as being cautious of ableist language. We recognize that each person's relationship to wellness is unique, and that creating a wellness challenge can feel intimidating, daunting, and exclusive to folks. Our challenges promote agency, choice, and options to make wellness more accessible.

Sample 30 Day Wellness Challenge. This is a calendar view with each day offering a different wellness actvity. Folks can choose which ones they want to participate in, at their own pace.

Presentations and Webinars

We offer presentations and webinars related to inclusive wellness. See below for a sample of some of our topics that we cover.


Embodying Confidence in the Workplace 

  • Showing up confidently in the workplace is an expectation of most work environments. But, what does confidence feel like? Further, what do we need from our supervisor, colleagues, environment, and from ourselves in order to come forward as a confident employee? The foundation of confidence is safety- both physical and emotional safety. If we don’t feel safe in the workplace, it can be very difficult to exude confidence. This talk will explore how our nervous systems respond to systems of oppression, judgment or the perception of judgment, and other factors that can make us feel small. Lastly, we will explore ways to come forward with more spaciousness and grounding in order to embody confidence.


What is Your Stress Telling You? Lean In to Chill Out

  • Stress management has long been an important topic in the workplace. Maybe instead of more stress management tips and tricks, we need to better understand what’s going on underneath the surface. What if instead of trying to reduce our stress, we try to better understand it? Stress is actually a beautiful sign that our nervous system is working to keep us alive. Thank you, nervous system! In this talk, we will uncover more about our nervous system and befriend our stress response in order to offer ourselves more grace, compassion, and ultimately, regulation. 


Workplace Wellness for Every Body 

  • "Workplace Wellness for Every Body" is an informative presentation designed to redefine workplace wellness with social justice at the center. This session emphasizes that wellness is not a one-size-fits-all concept. The presentation highlights how typical workplace wellness initiatives can unintentionally be harmful to folks in larger bodies and/or folks with eating disorders/disordered eating. First, we must unlearn outdated wellness practices. Next, let's get excited about new wellness initiatives that are more inclusive, liberating, and empowering based on new research.

Creating an Inclusive Food Culture in the Workplace

  • How often at work do you talk about food and dieting? Or, how often do you hear your colleagues talking about it? It's a pretty common work topic! While it may seem like a benign topic, it can have a damaging impact on work culture and individuals. That's why we created "Creating an Inclusive Food Culture in the Workplace" – a thought-provoking presentation that sheds light on the importance of fostering a healthier food culture within your organization. This session delves into the potential pitfalls of food-related conversations, highlighting how they can inadvertently promote harmful stereotypes, exclusion, and unhealthy relationships with food. Through engaging discussions and practical strategies, participants will gain insights on how to shift the dialogue to focus on nourishment, diversity, and intuitive eating practices. By creating an inclusive food culture, companies can foster a supportive environment where individuals of all backgrounds and dietary preferences feel respected and valued. Attendees will leave equipped with the tools and knowledge to cultivate a workplace where food is a source of unity and celebration rather than division, promoting well-being and a stronger sense of community among colleagues.

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