Genna's Story: From Daily Pain to Pain-Free

Genna has been a member of Current since the beginning and was a long-time lover of sports and movement. After tearing a muscle a few years ago, Genna was looking to safely re-introduce more movement into her life.

In addition to movement classes, Genna began seeing a massage therapist at the Current. Over time, she found that this integrative approach to wellness helped to build strength, flexibility, and ultimately, eliminate daily pain.

Current Wellness
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Eesha SachdevaEesha Sachdeva
17:31 30 Mar 24
My sister and I had the pleasure of working with Current Wellness to plan a custom mocktail-making class as an anniversary surprise for our parents. Nathan and Lukman were incredibly attentive and accommodating to all of our requests. Their creativity shone through as they crafted mocktail recipes perfectly tailored to our parents' tastes. On the day of the class, my parents commented on how beautiful the space was, and how they had so much fun chatting with Nathan while they learned how to make their custom drinks. Needless to say, my parents loved the experience and it was the perfect gift. We wholeheartedly recommend Current Wellness to anyone, especially if you're seeking a custom class experience!
Charlotte CollinsCharlotte Collins
12:40 18 Mar 24
Enjoyed my very first Sound Bath here. Thank you Current Wellness.
Briana GarciaBriana Garcia
15:54 07 Mar 24
EDIT 03/07/24: TLDR: Just editing here to say that this place continues to be fantastic. I never would've described myself as strong before but after 9 months of coming here I feel confident to embrace that term. Love, love, love everything about Current Wellness!I used to feel intimidated by the gym scene, but Current Wellness completely changed that. From the moment I walked in, the atmosphere has always been welcoming and supportive. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and always offer modifications to suit different fitness levels. I never feel judged, but rather encouraged and motivated to challenge myself (when appropriate).The classes themselves are challenging and rewarding, leaving me feeling strong and capable in ways I never thought possible. I've seen significant improvements in my fitness, but more importantly, I've gained a newfound sense of confidence that extends far beyond the studio walls.If you're looking for a safe and supportive environment to explore your fitness goals, while feeling empowered and respected, then Current Wellness is the place for you!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Finally found a space where I can feel safe, seen, heard, and supported while moving my body. Love everything about this place!
Quinn ParkerQuinn Parker
20:57 25 Feb 24
02:34 24 Feb 24
We are so lucky to have Current Wellness in our community - offering so many services and prioritizing movement of bodies, any body! Your body! In adaptable ways that include everyone. Their philosophy of ALL bodies and being very mindful of language to disrupt the harmful ways that dieting/exercise/fitness can be. I love current wellness fitness and dance classes, and perhaps the first yoga classes where I felt welcome and accommodated in the body I have, just as I am. Thank you to everyone who works here and inspires all of us.Also, some of my favorite massage therapists have worked out of CW!
Beth MurgitroydBeth Murgitroyd
18:03 29 Jan 24
Our family rented the yoga room and kitchen space at Current Wellness for a private concert and social event. The owners and staff were absolutely phenomenal in helping with all aspects of the event, and went above and beyond in trying to be flexible and to make sure we were set up in time, even giving hands on help and accommodating our sound and lighting needs. We ordered a couple charcuterie and crudite platters made onsite, and were blown away by how beautifully and thoughtfully made these were! It was a wonderful experience overall, and the pricing is so much more reasonable than for comparable (and frankly, not as appealing or interesting) spaces in the area. I would recommend this space and team to anyone looking to host a medium sized event that would be a good fit here.
Annie FraserAnnie Fraser
18:52 25 Jan 24
I’m very thankful to be a part of the Current Wellness community! I took some time off from attending classes, but now that my injury is better I have started back up again and I have been having such a fun time. I have a very hard relationship with moving my body due to not feeling like I’m “keeping up with my peers,” and I’m “not doing good enough.” Current Wellness washes away all those negative thoughts and I’m left with feelings of power, strength, and motivation. CW has taught me to love and truly own the strength and power of my body. Instead of focusing on diets and weight loss, I am focusing on gaining strength and flexibility as well as balance.I have a lot of physical disabilities, so moving my body has always been difficult. With the Current, they have allowed me to learn new ways of movement that allow me to gain strength without hurting myself. I use a chair for my balance, for example. That has allowed me to actually enjoy these movements as I’m not hurting myself or straining my body too much.Each individual instructor at the Current is wonderful. They all have the utmost respect for each one of the members and I admire and love how they all take the time to really get to know us as well as remember little things about us. We truly feel like a family here.
Kaylee JacobsKaylee Jacobs
23:03 19 Jan 24
Elise TraywickElise Traywick
18:27 18 Jan 24
This is such an awesome place! The only fitness class I've taken where it truly feels like "all are welcome." We need more places like this.
Addison SelnaAddison Selna
19:03 16 Jan 24
Addison SelnaAddison Selna
19:02 16 Jan 24
15:59 12 Jan 24
Everyone is made to feel welcomed here, no matter your body type or experience level. The instructors are friendly, body positive, and knowledgeable. Very fun to work out here!!
Kori HennesseyKori Hennessey
06:14 16 Dec 23
Current Wellness is one of the most inclusive and affirming spaces in Raleigh. The owners take the time to listen and learn and are very kind. I appreciate the partnership with other orgs to bring accessible opportunities to the community. As a queer person, I feel safe and comfortable being there and participating when I can.
Rebecca MooreRebecca Moore
20:53 07 Oct 23
Current wellness is such a unicorn of a fitness studio. It’s truly a “come as you are” kind of place. The instructors are knowledgeable, kind, and actually care. The variety of strength classes are so fun and different. I get a great workout and leave feeling uplifted and accepted.
Lauren HallLauren Hall
22:33 17 Aug 23
Current Wellness is such a gift to Raleigh. This is maybe the most comfortable and safe I have ever felt in a group fitness class. I was able to focus on moving my body without being too in my head. If you are looking for a space to get in different kinds of movement that is truly inclusive, non judgmental, and kind - this is your spot!
Katherine DardenKatherine Darden
14:23 13 Jun 22
Brit and Nathan are the type of folks that make Raleigh, and frankly this planet, better. They’ve created this inclusive, inspiring, enriching space that serves the community on so many levels. Move your body with them, eat and drink with them, and come as you are with them. Raleigh needs more places like Current Wellness, though it would be a challenge to replicate something so special. 💓
Mary IMary I
21:51 04 Jun 22
I have attended several classes with a number of instructors - Brit, Angela, Kristin, Cody - I have enjoyed all of the classes and really appreciate the supportive environment. All instructors offer options so you can take what you need from class that day. It’s a great place to get a good sweat and be with lots of friendly folks while doing it.
Jennifer ManisJennifer Manis
01:30 11 May 22
I highly recommend, Current! I have experienced the staff and fellow workout peeps to be mindful about embodying an affirming place for all bodies. This is life giving as I continue recovery/healing from an eating disorder and showing diet culture the door.The staff is really good at integrating new people into class; I watched as our instructor checked in with everyone, but especially people new to the class and took time to get to know them and explain the body movement for that station. The instructor was also great at encouraging us to listen to our bodies and modify moves, mix up the pace/resistance, and take breaks when we needed to.Another staff member took time after the class to help me get a drink and snack and answer questions I had about online classes. He was kind, patient, and genuine. This vibe of authenticity resounds at Current and I'm grateful to be part of this community.
erin coleerin cole
02:57 04 Apr 22
I attended my first class at current wellness doing tidal strength with Brit! It was such an inclusive environment. I felt welcomed from the time I walked through the door to the time I left. I recommend this place for anyone who wants to exercise in an intuitive and embodied way. I will definitely be returning for more classes in the future!!
Dianna BaptistaDianna Baptista
14:15 25 Jan 22
I recently went to the class Immerse! It was so much fun. This class provided me with a safe and effective workout that was exactly the kind of dance fitness experience that I LOVE. The music and choreography were empowering and the instructor made me feel beautiful. I could tell that the long-time participants were bonded and loved this class. I also felt really welcomed into the space by both the instructor and participants.The facilities at Current Wellness were easy to access, incredibly clean, and had an all around refreshing vibe. I’ll definitely be back to enjoy their other offerings.Highly recommend!