Body Positive Fitness in Raleigh

It's time to reclaim fitness from diet culture. 

Mainstream fitness is intertwined with weight loss and body sculpting. At gyms and fitness studios, we are bombarded by challenges, body scans, and instructors talking about burning calories.

The problem is that we are working out from a place of shame and guilt rather than compassion and acceptance. 

These negative messages are what we call "toxic fitness culture." 

But I'm working out, isn't this good for me?

We are not suggesting to be sedentary. We ARE suggesting a new approach to movement. One that is sustainable, safe, and enjoyable. No pain, no gain is no longer a smart, sustainable approach to fitness.

Way too often, fitness studios and gyms unintentionally challenge you to the extreme. You might go with it because you want "results."

However, our results often look like feeling inadequate, exhausted, overly sore, and sometimes even injured. This is not long-term wellness. To be frank, it's dysfunctional exercise. It's body punishment.

Dysfunctional exercise can lead to a host of issues including poor sleep, gut issues, elevated cortisol levels, poor concentration, stress on relationships, injuries and more.

What could be worse? When instructors are encouraging you to "burn off fat," "slim your thighs" or "earn your dinner," your brain cannot interpret all the positive endorphins from movement. Your brain interprets punishment and guilt that starts all over again the next day. 

Let's support our bodies through intuitive movement.


Current Wellness is on a mission to promote true, lasting wellness through body positive fitness. Or, like we call it, intuitive movement. You can definitely find challenge (we like to use the words heat and energy) in our classes, but we won't push you to overdo it.

Intuitive movement is "done with attention, purpose, self-compassion, acceptance, awareness, and joy. It's focused on the process of becoming more connected, healthier, and stronger". (Definition from SEES).

Join us in this new approach to fitness. Let's find wellness from compassion and support.


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