Irina Baechle LCSW

Practice Types: Mental Health Therapists

Irina Baechle has been helping couples struggling in their marriages for over 13 years. She specializes in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), a modality that is #1 research-validated relationship therapy and the ONLY couple therapy recommended by the American Psychological Association to help improve relationships.

Irina takes a truly balanced approach (no blame games here) where both partners feel fully supported in developing the kind of relationship they deeply desire. She loves teaching clients what REALLY works to create long-lasting, stable, loving, and passionate relationships.

Therapy with Irina differs from other therapists in that she has a very direct and transparent style (might be due to her Russian culture). Her clients say that she “keeps it real” and “says it as it is.” Her work is not a “crash diet”, it is a relationship lifestyle overhaul.

Irina offers Marriage Counseling Raleigh NC, a marriage retreat in North Carolina, marriage counseling Wake Forest, NC, and can help you anywhere in the states of Virginia and North Carolina via online therapy North Carolina, For those looking to get relationship help for one, Irina can help with divorce recovery, healthy second marriages, healing after toxic or unfaithful marriages or just helping you to build healthy fulfilling relationships with yourself and your loved ones. Irina also holds weekly Men’s and Women's Healing and Empowerment Groups.

Don’t hesitate. You are worthy of this investment. Your marriage is worthy of this investment!

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