Lisa Cordia

Practice Types: Massage Therapists

Lisa Cordia is a Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist, Licensed Esthetician and Certified Aromatherapist. She enjoys helping others be an active participant in their own healthcare. She takes a holistic approach to treatment plans and realizes that overall health and wellness can only be achieved by addressing the whole body. Using a variety of techniques, her goal is to help you live a healthy, holistic lifestyle utilizing regular massage as tool for self-awareness and healing.

Lisa specializes in Swedish and Myofascial (deep tissue) Massage. She has certifications in prenatal massage, lymphatic drainage for detoxification, cupping and decompression therapy, Theragun for massage, facial gua sha massage, body gua sha massage and Thai massage.

Originally from a small town in Missouri, she currently resides in downtown Raleigh with her husband, Chad and dog, Finale.

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