Manasa Chitluri M.Ed, LCMHC, NCC

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Practice Types: Mental Health Therapists

I specialize in working with individuals who have been diagnosed with ADHD later in life, who may be seeking psycho-education and skills training. I also specialize in working with individuals who have a history of high achievement, and who struggle with balancing this need to achieve with a desire to live a whole, authentic life. I practice from the perspective of client-as-expert, and bring unconditional positive regard into each session, regularly check in with my clients to ensure they are feeling comfortable with their progression towards their goals, and adjust the direction of therapy accordingly.

My approach includes reflecting on clients’ families of origin and how early relationships impact who they are as adults and within interpersonal relationships. I encourage clients to reflect on the intricacies of relationships and how they have their own set of values, belief systems, and perspectives, all of which have an impact on the healing process.

I work with both individuals and couples- clients typically face major life transitions, anxiety, and relationship conflicts with loved ones. Clients will identify personal situations or thought patterns that can lead to unhelpful emotional responses. Clients learn to integrate emotion and reason, developing a “wise” mind that aims to increase their capacity for growth and understanding of the self. Through psychoeducation based counseling sessions, I teach clients coping skills that allow their minds to function naturally and provide education on how ADHD works. This is especially helpful for those who feel a high amount of pressure to succeed, despite the challenges that come with neurodiversity.

As a client-centered therapist, I offer a supportive and compassionate environment to help clients adjust to new ways of living and deepen their connection with those around them.

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