Welcome to the Current Rewards Program!

This rewards program officially starts January 1, 2024.

We created this program to celebrate your movement milestones throughout the year.

Our movement classes (both fitness and yoga) are specifically designed to foster empowerment, strength (both mental and physical), and joyful movement. When movement feels good to us, it is more sustainable for both our mental health as well as our physical health.

This is an alternative to mainstream fitness culture that tells us to push through pain and fosters guilt and shame when we don’t exercise.

As you redefine movement in a way that feels good to you, this program is here to celebrate you!

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The rewards program milestones:

You will receive 1 point for each class you take. Here is our class schedule!

Once you get 25 points, you’ll receive your first prize.

Alt="Current Branded Glass for Rewards Program"
A Current Wellness glass in the shape of a beer/soda can... for all your beverage needs!

At 50 points, you’ll receive a second exciting prize - wearable swag!

Alt="Current Branded Sling Bag for Rewards Program"
A trendy black sling bag with the Current Wellness thumbprint. The perfect size pocket for your phone, keys, and wallet! *It has come to our attention that this sling bag may not fit all bodies. We regret the hurt that this has caused, as it is always our goal to source products that are size inclusive. For personal reference, this sling bag measures 48" around.

And finally, at 100 points, you’ll receive the biggest prize! 

Alt="Biggest Rewards Program prize is to be announced"
Hold on to your seats... The prize for 100 classes is guaranteed to be the most exciting!
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Frequently Asked Questions