7 Benefits of Breathwork

By CJ Bynum / January 5, 2023

7 Benefits of Breathwork Breathing. It’s something you do all the time and never really give it a second thought. When was the last time you thought about your breath? Like, truly sat there and focused on your breathing? Like many, the answer probably ranges from not that often to…

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Get to Know Joshua Vasquez

By Kendall Phillips / November 4, 2022

Get to know Joshua Vasquez What comes to mind when you think of a massage? Many of us probably get the mental image of it being something you get every once in a while as a special treat to yourself. While that can be true, Joshua Vasquez is here to…

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5 Reasons to Practice Yoga at Current Wellness

By Kendall Phillips / September 8, 2022

5 Reasons to Practice Yoga at Current Wellness The popularity of yoga is undeniable. Nearly 1 in 3 Americans have tried yoga at some point in their life, and the practice of yoga has consistently increased for all ages over the last two decades. You have probably seen yoga studios, tutorial videos,…

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Get to know Caitlin Greenstein

By Grace Longley / August 4, 2022

Grace Longley interviewed Caitlin Greenstein, who is a physical therapist here at the Current. Read on to learn more about Caitlin or click here to get in contact with her! Q: What is your specialty? A: “I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Orthopedic Certified Specialist. I really love…

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Get to know T’Keyah Moore

By Grace Longley / July 26, 2022

Grace Longley interviewed T’Keyah Moore, who is a massage therapist here at the Current. Read on to learn more about T’Keyah or click here to book and appointment with her! Q: What is your speciality? A: “I am a massage therapist, specializing in therapeutic form to deep tissue massage –…

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Get to know Beth Cooper

By Grace Longley / July 12, 2022

Grace Longley interviewed Beth Cooper, who is a Reiki Practitioner and Holistic Wellness Coach. Read more to learn more about her work or head over to Beth’s website to book an appointment with her! Q: What is your speciality? A: “Wellness Coaching & Reiki. I also specialize in breathwork & meditation”…

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Get to know Susanna Lea

By Grace Longley / June 10, 2022

Grace Longley interviewed Susanna Lea, who is an acupuncturist at Current Wellness. Read on to learn more about Susanna’s work and head over here to book a session with her.  Q: What is your speciality? A: “I am an acupuncturist who is also trained in Chinese medicine and herbalism” Q:…

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Health at Every Size® Personal Training

By Brit Guerin / February 26, 2022

What is HAES® Personal Training and Why is it for you? by: Lydia Howard (Read her bio here). I’ve been a movement and fitness instructor since 2014 and seven years ago I transitioned from being a full time social worker at a non-profit to teaching movement and fitness in gyms,…

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Trauma-Informed Fitness

By Brit Guerin / January 22, 2022

It’s socially accepted that fitness spaces are health-promoting spaces and, for the most part, they are. But what happens when someone has a negative experience or doesn’t feel safe, accepted or successful in a fitness space? Negative outcomes can happen when an industry is predominantly trained in physical health, and…

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Intuitive Eating Jumpstart Group

By Brit Guerin / December 27, 2021

Intuitive eating is evidence-based Intuitive Eating was developed by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch in 1995. It is a weight neutral, evidence based model with a validated assessment and over 120 (and counting) studies exploring the benefits of practicing Intuitive Eating. To name a few benefits, intuitive eaters have lower…

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