Why are our massage prices increasing?

We have decided to increase our massage therapy prices beginning February 1, 2022.

We set our prices before we hired any of our massage therapists. We quickly realized that they are providing a high quality service that is custom based on the needs of the client. For example, they can provide a combination of neuromuscular, cranio-sacral, trigger point, and aromatherapy all in one session. Oftentimes, these are considered "add-ons" and would require an upcharge for these additional services. Instead of nickeling and diming our clients, we are including all of these services into one session fee. We want you to receive the best care without any upcharges or surprise fees at the end.

Head over here to read more about our massages and book an appointment. 

Thank you for supporting our small business and our massage therapists!

What are the new prices?

Beginning February 1, 2022, these are our massage prices:

$95 for a 60 minute massage

$135 for a 90 minute massage

If you want to commit to regular monthly massages, you can purchase a massage membership for $80/month (1 massage each month). Going out of town? Gift your massage to a friend or family member.

Are you a member of our movement studio at Current Wellness? You get 20% off your massages! Check out our memberships here to become a member today.