Movement for All Bodies

We are thrilled to welcome Lydia Howard to our team of wellness practitioners. She is a Health at Every Size® advocate and meets clients with compassion and individualized attention. Keep reading to learn more about Lydia and how you can work with her or head to our personal training page to get signed up.

How does movement support wellness?

I believe wellness is different for everyone and will look and feel different for each person, even day by day. I like to keep that in mind for myself and for my movement clients. But one thing that is consistent no matter what changes from day to day is my belief in the power of breath and its ability to help us stay in the present moment.

How did you become involved in your work as a personal trainer?

Lydia hasn't always been a mover. Having asthma from a young age prevented her from running and playing like other children and participating in sports. It wasn’t until college that she realized the true benefits of movement for overall wellness.

In seeking something to quiet her anxious mind she found her way to yoga and instantly fell in love. She went to undergrad and graduate school for social work and found her movement practice to complement the holistic views learned in her social work education. After over a decade of working in mental health for non profits, she realized her calling was to incorporate her skills as a social worker with her movement practice to share with her clients.

In 2014 she made movement and exercise her main career. She received her 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate and then went on to become comprehensively certified in Balanced Body Pilates; a training with over 500 hours required. She loves seeing her clients as individuals first, all with different needs and goals.

She has had the first hand experience of using Pilates and Yoga to help me recover from cancer and surgery in 2017. It was then her perspective truly shifted to one of knowing that we are all fighting our own internal battles and that sometimes a little movement and exercise is the little boost we need to build our confidence and get us to trust our bodies again. Most recently she has become a Health at Every Size® advocate and wants her clients to know that all bodies are good bodies and no one should fit into society’s mold.

See if personal training is for you!

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Lydia is now accepting clients for one-on-one training (fitness, yoga, and/or pilates). See specializes in working with beginners, but can also work with folks on all levels.

Head over to our personal training page for more information and how to sign-up.