Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness Series: Movement, Mindset, and Connection

Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness Series: Movement, Mindset, and Connection

Are you in the prenatal or postpartum space and looking to move a bit more but feel unsure about where to begin? This feeling is very common! During a time where everything feels to be shifting, it can be difficult to know what movements support your current space. We at Current Wellness would love to help support you in your journey! Join Coach and Trainer Jenna Somich for the next Prenatal + Postpartum Fitness Series at the Current!

So what is this series all about and how is it different?

The Prenatal + Postpartum Fitness Series will focus on preparing for the mental and physical aspects of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and caregiving. The goal of movement during these time periods is to not only support each individual where they are today, but to also serve as prehabilitation (pregnancy) or rehabilitation (postpartum) in both a physical and emotional standpoint, as well as create communities and connection with others who are in a similar space in life. The magic of these classes is moving and being with others during a time that can feel isolating and unknown. 

During each class we will start with a welcome and check in. We will then take some time to connect with our breath. Next, we will move through a series of movements that were designed to help the core and pelvic floor work as a strong, stable, and coordinated unit. We will then move through a warm-up to help prepare our body for the strength and movement flow components ahead. After we complete our strength and movement flow, we end with some down-regulation activities such as breath and gentle stretches or poses. The class is an open format where discussion is welcome for all. Additionally, Jenna will present resources and ideas to consider centered around:

  • Core and pelvic floor health and stability
  • Functional and effective movements for pregnancy and postpartum
  • Creating support systems during this transitional space
  • Nutrition considerations for pregnancy and postpartum
  • Creating a mindset practice and pulling it into life as a caregiver
  • Supporting our children in their movement development
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Classes will take place on Wednesdays from 9:30am - 11am and will run for 4 weeks. Non-mobile babies are welcome. All stages of pregnancy are welcome. Clearance from a healthcare professional requested for postpartum individuals. All fitness experience levels are encouraged to join! Come ready to move, learn, and connect with others!

Dates: September 8 - September 29

Price: $120 or $100 early bird before August 18th