There are a multitude of benefits of yoga in everyday life- improved mental health, spiritual
connection, relief of physical pain. And while these benefits hold true through pregnancy as well, there are a few other reasons why doing yoga while pregnant and postpartum can feel really good!


The use of breath is a main tenet of yoga. The use of breath in pregnancy/postpartum is also
incredibly important. Our diaphragm and our pelvic floor are a pressure system; that pressure
system is put under a new strain during pregnancy- a growing baby, an expanding uterus,
changes in pelvic structure. Understanding how to breathe through the diaphragm can improve our pelvic floor function and reduce pelvic floor dysfunction, a common symptom in pregnancy and the postpartum period. Using our breath effectively can aid in labor and delivery as well, and support postpartum healing. Learning to breathe through our diaphragm is often a learned skill (it does not come naturally), so learning in a yoga class can be a safe and comfortable place to do so- where you can be centered and lovingly guided to understanding your own breath better.

Postural Alignment

Pregnancy comes with so many body changes- many that can cause new aches and pains you
never imagined! Tight hip flexors and hamstrings and lower and mid-back tightness are common in pregnancy due to the forward-shifting of weight from an expanding belly. The release of relaxin during pregnancy- a hormone that loosens the ligaments in the pelvis to prepare for birth- can cause increased joint flexibility, which can cause corresponding tightness after exercise or stretching. Yoga offers an opportunity to re-align the pelvis and stretch gently without going beyond one’s limits- leading to pain relief and increased comfort in one’s body.

Connection to Self and Baby

Lastly, it goes without saying that yoga provides a chance for the practitioner to connect with themselves. If there was ever a time to be in close conversation with yourself- it’s during pregnancy and the postpartum period! Your body is going through a myriad of changes, some which can be uncomfortable, so allowing yourself some deep connection to your body, and to the miracle it is creating, can be deeply beneficial to the pregnancy process- mentally,
physically, and spiritually. Additionally, practicing yoga in pregnancy gives you a quiet moment,
away from the business of life, to engage in internal conversation with your baby. What a
beautiful opportunity to slow down, and talk to this newly forming being and get better

Yoga in pregnancy and postpartum can be a deeply rewarding, healing, and awakening
experience. The mat awaits you!

By: Rebecca Sink Smith


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