Introducing Caitlin Greenstein of Beyond Physical Therapy

We are thrilled to welcome Caitlin Greenstein to the team! She will be offering physical therapy on an appointment basis. Head over here to book an appointment with Caitlin.

We asked Caitlin some questions to get to know her better. See below for her approach to wellness and how she can serve you.

How does physical therapy support wellness?

Wellness to me means being able to live a fulfilling life, in whatever capacity that looks like to the individual. As a physical therapist, I do not believe in giving patients absolutes. Many health care providers are guilty of telling patients “you should never run/golf/dance/lift/bend/etc ever again”. This creates fear, which can lead to avoidance, which results in a decline of not only our physical health but our mental health as well.

Physical therapy can be used to help return people to activities they previously enjoyed as well as prevent future decline or inabilities. It can also help make the activities of daily living more manageable and independent of the assistance from others. I feel it is my responsibility to encourage patients to restore or adapt in order to return to activity, rather than restrict.

How did you become involved in your work as a physical therapist?

I started dancing at the age of four and became very serious as a competitive dancer at twelve years of age. My passion for dance, fitness, and wellness motivated me to seek out a career path where I could incorporate this love of movement along with the privilege of helping others. My mother had an amazing experience with a physical therapist when I was a teenager. She was impressed with the therapist’s ability to hone in on her impairments and actually correct her issues rather than give temporary solutions.

I began to shadow this therapist among others which really solidified my decision to pursue physical therapy as a career path. As a new graduate, I was accepted into an orthopedic residency program which prepared me to become a Board Certified Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy. These experiences have shaped the type of clinician that I am today.


What services are you offering?

I can offer one on one physical therapy services to patients needing rehabilitation. My approach involves a thorough examination, hands on treatment, exercise prescription, and education, as well as movement restoration. I also can provide sessions for those just seeking trigger point dry needling on an as needed basis. I also offer movement assessments to dancers to prevent injury, determine readiness for pointe, and determine readiness to return to dance following an illness or injury.

Learn more about Caitlin here, and check out our movement classes to integrate safe movement back into your routine.