Consult with your healthcare team first

Movement and eating disorder recovery is a very delicate subject. Oftentimes, it's recommended to avoid exercise while in eating disorder recovery. It's very important that you consult your physician, therapist, and/or healthcare team to see if you're ready to integrate movement back into your life. If you aren't quite ready, movement can be detrimental to your recovery.

If you are cleared for exercise, there are so many amazing benefits to moving your body. Glenn Cheatham came up with this list of benefits based on her personal experience:

Benefits of movement in eating disorder recovery

When you are physically and mentally ready, these are same amazing benefits of movement during eating disorder recovery:

  • Mindful movement allows the space and time for us to connect to our bodies
  • It allows us the opportunity to learn our energy cues and fatigue cues, and listen to them
  • Practicing movement in recovery helps us learn how to deal with unpleasant thoughts and emotions around our relationships with our bodies
  • Movement practices can be a foundation for increasing self-awareness and self-understanding, while increasing a sense of safety in our bodies
  • Moving our bodies during recovery can build in some flexibility of what we believe movement to be. It opens to opportunity to reframe why we move our bodies
  • Engaging in different styles of movement will create space for a bigger definition of what movement can look like, as well as working towards finding activities that bring us joy
  • Finding safe and enjoyable movement can help to improve bone density in our bodies as well as promote muscle growth
  • It gives us space to manage our emotions, and helps us feel connected to our surroundings and to the present moment
  • Practicing movement in recovery helps us accept that movement is not mandatory for our bodies
  • Helps us recognize our need for rest
  • Can offer us space to connect to others and our community around us
  • Movement can help us learn the power of taking up space. We deserve to be here.

A fitness and yoga experience free of diet culture

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